National "Do Not Call List" for Business Not Likely


Depending on who you speak with, telemarketing contributes from $600 billion (Direct Marketing Association, DMA) down to $20 Billion (the FCC) in annual sales. In either case, an industry that adds billions to the GNP is one to be reckoned with.

Since the passing of the National Do Not Call List in 2003 many countries have followed the US’s lead in privacy and reducing the number of sales calls a resident gets. 

This leads us to the discussion of a Business Do Not Call Registry. Even though feelings toward developing a National ‘Do Not Call Business Registry’ are mixed and hotly contested the bottom line is it will never happen. Whether by the power of the DMA lobbyist keeping business telemarketing legal or the economic viability of telesales; telemarketing is here to stay. That is, unless technology pushes it out.

The FCC website currently states, “While you may be able to register a business number, your registration will not make telephone solicitations to that number unlawful.”

So you have a few options for your business:

One, you can make it a point to not speak to any sales person calling you. There are some businesses who truly feel if they need a product or service they will go get it themselves so all salespeople are a waste of time. This attitude is fine but it definitely limits the technological developments and market trends a sales person can educate you on. In the end you will lose because advancements will pass you by.

Two, you can try to be as open to all sales people as possible only to have your entire days and weeks of productivity destroyed. The fact remains there is only so much time. Salespeople do offer significant value if they are experts but if you entertained every sales person who called or stopped by then all of your time would be spent entertaining salespeople and no time will be devoted to your job/business.

Third, you can get the best of both options above while experiencing none of the negatives by developing a digital solution similar to ConnectionForce. You could use a generic office email address or web based contact form to funnel sales people into.  This funneling will allow you to get the information you need while minimizing the amount of time you allow sales people to interrupt your business productivity.


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