List Building Tip – How to Create the Perfect Squeeze Page to Sign Up New Subscribers

As an Info-Marketer, you know how important it is to collect email addresses from people who visit your website. When potential customers leave your site without making a sale, or without leaving their email address, you have lost that person forever. You just can not afford to waste any of your site traffic.

A great tool to sign up new subscribers to your list is an effective squeeze page. A squeeze page, or landing page, where you collect email addresses from your visitors, should stand out. You need to make a great first impression with it's design and graphics.

Here are some of the main features of a great looking squeeze page:

Create a great headline

The headline should explain exactly what you have to offer and get your first time visitor excited about your product / eBook / service.

Explain what your product will do for them, and keep it simple and to the point. Grab attention by using a huge font in red, and create interest by using words like 'secret', 'shocking', etc.

Use a professional cover

Place your well designed product cover (s) below the headline. The purpose of your cover is to increase conversions. People like to see a graphic image of your product, so make it stand out.

Use a recent photo of yourself

This is not mandatory, but it can make a difference. When people see your face, they will consider you as a real person, and tend to trust you more. Nobody likes to share his / her details with a stranger, especially online.

Use bullet points

Easy to read bullet points will draw people into your copy / offer. Sum up all the benefits of your product to make your potential subscriber / customer warm for your offer.

Use a call to action

Right below the bullet points, and above the sign up box where your autoresponder is placed, you can invite people to enter their name and email address by telling them exactly what they need to do to join your list.

"Just fill in your name and email in the form below to get instant access to your free report" is a good example. You should also explain that you will never share their details with other parties, and that you hate spam just as much as they do.

Professional opt-in form

To make your opt-in form look professional, you should never use fancy colors like green or pink. Keep it simple. Nothing fancy needed here. You run a serious business. Show it by using a clean design.

Sign up instructions

Ask your visitors to use their primary email address when they join, and explain exactly what they will miss if they do not use their correct address. Also, make it clear to them that when they enter their details, they need to confirm their request / subscription or they will not get your free offer.

End with your name

It's good practice to add an image of your handwritten signature below your squeeze page. You can scan your signature in a scanner, or design one in your graphical software by using a graphical tablelet. There are also websites that will create a signature for you, just check Google for "handwritten signature". Successfull marketers use a handwritten signature on their sales page. You should do it too. It will separate you from the amateurs.

That's it. Follow these simple steps to creating a perfect squeeze page, and your will soon see a difference in sign ups.

Source by Dirk Dupon

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