Jobs For Teens Under 18 – Jobs Hiring Teens

As a teenager, it’s really hard to find a good job.. or any job for that matter. If you’re not 16, most places wont even look at you! So how do you go about getting some extra spending money? Online survey services work very well. It doesn’t require a credit card, it’s entirely free, and they hire all ages including teens!

These services provide jobs for teens under 18 by paying you for every survey and promotion you complete. You can get paid up to 20$ per survey, and surveys generally take about 10 minutes to complete. This survey services minimum age for hiring is 13, which makes it a nice way for teens to earn cash.

What do I need to get started on this?

An email address, thats it. These service are completely free and don’t require a bank account or a credit card. To receive your payment you can have a parent, or anyone with a bank account cash the check for you.

When do I get my payment?

Most companies deliver your payment at the 20th of every month, like clockwork.

Can you give me proof that this really works?

Yes! Click the link below for proof of checks and a review of a service.

Why are these company’s paying me for this?

Basically, advertisers want to know what people like, and what people are looking for. By giving them valuable information about the kinds of things you like and the things you would buy, you help them save millions in advertisement. Click the below link to learn more about how these companies work.

Source by Jason Welsh

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