Increasing Site Traffic – 10 Strategies to Make You an Online Success

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10 months ago

Increasing site traffic is what most people try to do but what happens when people visit your site? Are they convinced by you or do they run a mile? These 10 strategies will help build your online business and not just your site traffic stats.

The "Cost You" Strategy – The "there has been a major change of (topic) that has cost (your target audience) thousands …" strategy tells your prospects if they do not purchase their product, it could cost them a lot of money or profits. People like to avoid losing money and will see your product as the solution.

The "Thinking" Strategy – The "you're probably thinking that (a negative buying thought) …" strategy tells your prospects that you know they are reinforcing their buying defenses as they read your ad copy. Most people that read ads do that. They will be surprised that you know what they are thinking and listen to your offer.

The "Less And More" Strategy – The "you'll be spending less time on (negative actions) and more time focusing on (positive actions / benefits) …" but also save time from frustrating tasks or feelings.

The "Total It Up" Strategy – The "see the retail value of each product – see the package is worth at least $ (no.) …" "strategy tells your prospects the value of each product and shows them the total value. You could use a professional price chart table on your web site.

The "What's The Catch?" Strategy – The "so what's the catch? Why am I almost giving this product away? …" strategy tells your prospects why your product price is so low. Sometimes people think low priced products are junk so you need to give them a believable reason why your price is so low.

The "Do not Wait" Strategy – The "do not wait another second as I may just pull the bonuses (worth $) at any time …" do not order now. It will be hard for people to walk away without ordering if they really like your bonuses.

The "Compatible" Strategy – The "it's 100% compatible and flexible …" strategy tells your prospects that your product is compatible with other targeted things that they own. It also tells them that they will have control over how they use the product.

The "Yes, I Agree" Strategy – The "Yes! I am taking advantage of this special introductory offer …" strategy tells your prospects to agree to your product and that your low price or special offer is only good for a short time at the beginning of your product launch.

The "Problem, Solution" Strategy – The "you have a problem and I have the solution for pennies on the dollar …" strategy tells your prospects that when they purchase your product, they are just actually bartering a small amount of money for the solution to their problem. It makes it seem like a simple win / win trade.

The "Customer Letter" Strategy -The "I've just received an letter from a customer telling me …" strategy tells your prospects that one of your customers has contacted you and told you how well your product works. You could publish their entire letter as proof. But get permission first.

Source by Anthony N Hetherington


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