Increase Website Traffic – The Smart Approach

Increasing website traffic is the aim of any internet or affiliate marketer. And there are loads of different techniques and software to do this. You could put hours of hardwork into increasing your webiste's traffic by the traditional methods. And they will come but …. No conversions.

So what is the smart approach to increasing your website's traffic?

Well you have to adjust your focus.

There are three crucial questions you must ask yourself before launching any traffic generation campaign.

Who are my target audience? To achieve success, ie conversions, you really need to sit down and figure out who your target audience is. If you are into dog obedience training, then your target audience are people with problem dogs or new dogs. The crucial first step is to take a critical look at your product and service and determine who would be most likely to benefit from it. Once you have identified this group and have bought them to your site you will notice two things

  1. Your conversions will go up . Hey they are people who need what you have to offer so of course the proportion of them who buy or sign up will be higher
  2. Your site will go viral . Think about it. If you are offering a good service or product, and you get a visitor who benefits from that product, who finds a useful solution to their problem at your site, will they keep quiet about it? Of course not. They will go out and tell their friends who have a similar problem about you and your site

Find out where your target audience hangs out . Now you know who your best customers would be, you need to go and find where you can locate them. It is in these places that you want to advertise your services. If you want to sell hair care products, would advertising your product in hair saloons not increase your customer base? Well yeah! Or advertising your stethoscopes where final year medical students hang out? Another winner.

Finally, you need to figure out how to get their attention .

You must understand that your ideal customer has also been accurately identified by your competitors. All of what are making their own sales pitch.

You need to have a pitch that gets the targets attention. This is where the concept of unique selling point comes in. Invent, create or borrow a unique selling point that is targeted primarily at your potential visitors needs

The above methods may not increase your overall website traffic, but it will certainly increase the targeted traffic which converts

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