Increase Web Site Traffic and Do it Yourself

How did I increase website traffic ? Well … let me take a step back. I, just like many of you, had a dream to just live big on the internet and screw around all day … I was open for business, I was ready to handle the orders … the whole 9 yards …. and then came in the worms of the internet. The con artists, scammers, the leaches that took my money and promised they were going to get so many people to my site, I would not even know what to do. The results were nil. They found it convenient to blame their terrible results which did not increase my web site traffic on the internet. Kinda like a weatherman blames it on the weather … THEY HAVE NO CONTROL !! Jeez …. and my money … dang my money went down the drain. I hated those days … but I learned a ton. I hooked up with the best of the best … they neverave me their secrets … but I figured them out and now I have more than enough traffic to go around and I did not pay a DIME to get it .. .but it takes some work.

To increase web site traffic , you must smash any notification that to increase web site traffic is like speaking to the Wizard of OZ. You must shatter those inherent messages that you have to spend thousands for real qualified traffic. OK? You can do all of this yourself.

To start to increase web site traffic , get your key phrases from the keyword selector tool at Yahoo! and dig as deep as you can. Try to focus on one key phrase per page on your site. Go submit your site to directories for FREE for your links. Write articles, submit free ad's, submit free anywhere you can. If you want someone to write the pages for you, get a college intern for free off of craigs list for free. Do you see where I'm going with this.

Source by Matt Kush

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