How To Travel While Making Money Online Like a Pro

Here’s how you can travel and make money online by starting a business or being a freelancer.

I have been travelling since 2012 while working on the internet. All I did is I went out of Belgium and started travelling. First, I went to Barcelona. Then I went to Turkey, Hungary and many other countries. Anywhere where there is Internet I was able to work online.

Even though I do not have a local job, I do have a business online.

If you want to travel while working all you need is a laptop and an Internet connection. If you want to do this you can start by finding a freelance gig and you can just login and start working and get paid by the hour or you can start an online business.

Here are 2 paths that you can take if you want to work online:

1 – If you want to start easy you can go to a website like If you have a marketable skill, something that people are willing to pay for like SEO, sales, marketing, then people will be more likely to hire you. They do not care if you are travelling as long as you are doing your job, as long as you are logging your hours properly.

2 – You can start an online business. This is not something like SEO. If you want a long term online business, you should start an actual business like being a coach. You can teach people what you know while travelling. You can do skype sessions for hundreds of dollars an hour.

For example, if you want to teach people video editing, marketing or a new language, you can do that while travelling. You do not need super special skills.

I know a veterinarian, who teaches people how to handle their dogs, and in the first week that he had a video online he made his first sale. Imagine if he makes seven sales per week.

As long as he has satisfied customers, people will come back more and more to him and he can build and scale his business. This is a much business than just doing SEO.

I encourage you to develop your own brand and start your own business as a coach and develop it into a mastermind later on. If you can do this, you will not be stucked to any place. You can travel the world, you can do whatever you want. As long as there is Internet there is no limit.

All of the people are looking to travel. You do not have to be a home boy, a backpacker, you do not have to sleep on people’s couches. You can sleep in hotels, apartments, etc. You can rent places for a month or two. You can develop your own routine and you can get it into a workflow. That is much more productive than travelling every week.


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