How to Make Money Online in Pakistan and India – Free Urdu / Hindi Training

How to Make Money Online in Pakistan and India – Free Urdu / Hindi Training.
Asslam u Alaikum, Hello, My name is Faiz Muhammad and today in this video I will show you how you can earn money online in Pakistan & India easily, Like how to make money via authentic ways which are trusted and that pay you really really in real.
In nowadays I see many people that scammed by people who was saying you will make $1000 or more than this in per month and you will be the richest person because we will give you some amazing tricks which will boost your earning and you will be able to make handsome amount at home.
But in reality, all these claimed are fake.
Actually, the worst part of online earning is FAKE like we shouldn’t work on a website till we found that 100% trusted and that will give our money which we will earn on that.
But let me clear one thing ‘YOU DON’T PAID FOR VIEWING OR CLICKINGS SOMEONE ADS” please read this line again you will never ever be paid for things like clicking on someone ads or viewing some ads or doing some captcha work, yeah yeah I know some of the sites are still working but you can those will suck your blood and in return you will get few bucks.

Whenever someone asks me what kind of online work should we do that we can make money from it so I alway said:
Do something that makes sense.
I always say learn skills then money will follow that skills which you will have and you will be paid for sure.
In the above video, I’ve shown you about how to learn 25+ courses or skills and then start online earning from it on as Freelancer.
Now people who don’t know what is Fiverr so let me explain in few lines, Fiverr is Marketplace where people buy and sell different kind of services like Graphic designing like if you want a banner design so you can visit Fiverr and hire a Freelancer and give him/her the demanded price what that buyer charge and that buyer will design a banner for you.
Same you can do on Fiverr and sell your services but it’s all possible when you have some sellable skills.
So go and watch few courses then try to implement it and then join Fiverr website.
If you know about Graphic Designing, SEO or Animation work so then you can easily make money online whether on Fiverr or other freelancing sites.

Please share this video and all courses which I’ve uploaded so people can avoid from scammers or sites where they just waste their precious time.

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