How to Attract More Website Traffic For Free

Website traffic is one of the most important factors when it comes to make money as affiliate or online marketer. There are many different strategies you can use to build more targeted website traffic, many of them are free and others require to invest some money in order to get traffic to your website!

Here are some of the most popular but very effective and free traffic strategies I use on my own:
1. Article Marketing: Syndicating articles to article directories is a great way to promote your website. But it takes some time to write and submit your articles!

2. Social Bookmarking: Bookmark your website at as many social bookmarking services as possible! Add some related tags to increase the exposure of your bookmarks and the traffic to your website!

3. Blogging: Sign up at blogging services like WordPress or Blogger and start to blog about your website and product! Don't limit yourself to only one Blog!

4. Forum posting: Forum posting is another great way to attract targeted website traffic! Just be sure to provide quality information in order to get the best results!

5. RSS Feed Submissions: Submit your RSS feed to as many RSS directories as possible!

6. Social Networking: Sign up for the most popular social networks like Twitter or Facebook and write a profile about your website or business!

As I said before there are many more effective strategies to attract targeted website traffic, but almost all free traffic methods require lots of work and time investment!

Source by B. Huebner

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