Guaranteed Signups Review with Ellie Yan: ZUKUL XMAS SINGALONG

ZUKUL XMAS by Ellie Yan

GIVE YOUR LOVED ONES A ZUKUL GUARANTEED SIGNUPS PACKAGE and an Entry into the ZUKUL intermediate business!
Come New Year,ZUKUL is going to be a blast!

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LYRICS: Ellie Yan
VOCAL: Ellie Yan

Tis the season to get Zukuled falalalalalala
Tis the season to go SOXLESS falalalalallalala
Jeremy Rush has got his skates on falalalalalalalalalaa
Funnels will be popping all day long falalalalalalalalalala

Buy your loved ones GSU pax falalalalalalalalala
Going cheap in pax of 3 now falallalalalla
bargain basement price, can’t beat that falalalalalalalala
Buy them now don’t be a silly prat falalalaalalalalalala

If your sitting on the fence now falalalalalalalaalalalal
Come on down and join this peng crowd falalalalallalalala
We will give you Xmas cuddles falalaallalalalalala
Santa Jeremy will deliver falalalalalalalalalalala

ZUKUL is the best gift in town falalalalalalala
Will will rake in so much money falalalalalalalala
We will spread the joys of Xmas falalalalalaallaal
To everyone on this ruddy planet falalalala


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