Google AdWords Account Performance, Maintain it – Account History Counts

The essential part in management of AdWords Accounts is managing the Keywords. Keywords drive traffic, bring potential customers, and increase the sale. Google AdWords Account history comprises keyword performance, the keyword CTR, etc.

If the keywords performance track record is low, it means the Account history is not well off. To keep the history you need , you must maintain the performance of your keywords. The first most important part for a maintained account is, “do not keep the keywords in your ad group that has not triggered any adds, DELETE them straight away or optimize them to trigger add.

If it is not possible to optimize because of cost issues and your campaign budget then DELETE them, these types of keywords destroy the History of your Account.

The Question is:

Why Do We Need To Maintain The Account History?

The Account history determines the Quality Score, in other words, it is a parameter controlling

  • The ad rank, this specify the position of your ad in the search results
  • The Cost of the Click, normally called CPC, High Quality Score lower you pay for the clicks.

To achieve a Good Quality Score of your Account you need to keep your account’s ad group clean from the unwanted, rubbish keywords, or otherwise optimize them to display the ads. This prohibits you to stuff your Account with keywords, Don’t do the stuffing to drive traffic. You need to keep your account optimized for displaying the relevant ads for the specific keywords that are relevant to your business.

Source by Mubashir Muhammad

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