Free Online Traffic Generation Techniques – Newsletter Traffic

Newsletters are a good idea for free online traffic generation. They are easy to put together and simple to distribute. All you need to be successful is a mailing list and some decent content on a topic people are interested in.

How Newsletters Work

To use newsletters as a form of free online traffic generation, you'll want to use a certain layout. Instead of sending entire articles to subscribers, you'll want to include a summary with a link to the entire article on your site. One of the advantages is that you'll be able to determine which articles your readers are most drawn to. Most newsletters are sent via e-mail. You can choose to manage this yourself or pay for a service that will automatically handle distribution for you.

Some Tips on Using Newsletters

If you're interested in saving money, consider blending free content and content you write yourself or pay someone else to write. The free content should be used in moderation because it is available all over the Internet and may not be an effective draw to your site.

Choose a topic for your newsletter that is appropriate for your site and that people are interested in. Otherwise it will fail as a method of free online traffic generation. Do not promise to send out the newsletter too frequently. If you promise too much and can not deliver, then you'll end up disappointing subscribers and your traffic may decrease instead of increase.

Just remember that the quality of the articles is the key to using newsletters to for free online traffic generation.

Source by Fabian Tan

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