Jan 10

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Explosive Niche Traffic Generation – How to Generate Free Traffic to Your Web Site or Blog

Bottle necks, traffic jams … we dream of a day where there's such a flood of traffic it's generating streams and streams of revenue. Sound like an impossible picture? Not at all. Let's get to work!

(1) Backlinks.

Backlinks are external links from other web pages that contain a link to your site.

Remember also that the source of these backlinks are important too. Good backlinks are on popular sites that receive lots of traffic. Bad backlinks are link-farms which were once used as a way to "trick the search engines" into believing that a site was popular.

The benefits of bank links are several-fold. They make your site more prominent in Google and other search engines. Search engines view your site as "popular", so it has more relevancy and importance. Where do you get backlinks? Squidoo , Youtube, Forums, Niche Directories, Blogs, and so forth.

Acting on your plan of increasing backlinks is the only way to achieve it. Spend a little time each week, and periodically check your results (once a month is adequate.)

(2) Content.

Think of content as search engine FOOD. The words, the images, the tags, and so forth. Although it's not a good idea to write for the search engines, it's important to remember that additional pages of content, as well as longer pages with more words will go a long way in feeding the hungry search engine (spidering) robots.

But content does not just stop at your web site. Consider also placing content on community sites, forums, and blogs. When these link back to your site it's a little like a math equation: content + backlinks = free traffic . Get the picture?

Source by Virginia Culp

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