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Traffic Backdoor –

DON’T BUY Traffic Backdoor by Mark Thompson – Traffic Backdoor VIDEO REVIEW

This is Chuck Boulais, and this is a video review of Traffic Backdoor by Mark Thompson. I was in the brick and mortar world of Marketing for over 20 years and got tired of working 60 and 70 hour weeks just to make my boss disgustingly rich. So I retired and have been spending tons of money on product launches and coaching just to try and figure out how to make money on line.

What I’ve found is that over 90% of program launches on-line are either bad fits for people’s skill sets, they under-deliver on their promises or are just out and out scams. I’m not saying that Traffic Backdoor by Mark Thompson is a scam or a bad fit for most people, far from it, but I just want to show you the pros and cons and maybe save you from going down a blind alley that may not be right for you.

Traffic Backdoor is a new training course and software platform developed and marketed by Mark Thompson that claims to teach you interactively online the best way to rank your online content highly and how to drive traffic. Please watch my video for more detailed information.

Traffic Backdoor says that it’s easy to understand, and may be advertised as revolutionary, never before seen, and/or otherwise available only with the Traffic Backdoor system. These claims are often made to create a tremendous amount of interest in products like Traffic Backdoor and make one hope that this will be the one that will finally unlock all the secrets to success and making money online.

Traffic Backdoor is mainly targeted at established video marketers, but no doubt newer internet entrepreneurs will also seek out the product, too. So, please be careful before you buy Traffic Backdoor, especially if you’re one of the less experienced entrepreneurs, as often times developers know these people might be willing to spend big money on something like Traffic Backdoor, as they may be starting to feel desperate to find an answer to the puzzle of video marketing and making money online, and/or they want a product to promote and possibly finally make money from home.

I also discuss the possible cost tiers of Traffic Backdoor and the various usage levels which can be purchased for Traffic Backdoor. Please review the video carefully because the initial advertised price for Traffic Backdoor may only be the beginning of the potential cost to you as an end user.

If my video helps you at all please leave a comment and subscribe to my channel as it helps us all.

Mark Thompson are great marketers and have put together a really nice looking product launch for Traffic Backdoor, with really good looking sales material, and the product could really fill a need for many assuming it works as well as advertised.

Should you decide to promote Traffic Backdoor as a JV Affiliate instead of buying the product as an end user and try to earn commissions by recruiting people to buy Traffic Backdoor, it will be heavily marketed by other, more experienced and established affiliate marketers so unless you are already an established affiliate marketer with a big list it may be difficult to get started in the affiliate business with this product.

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