Diversified Marketing – Tips Help Generate Traffic

What's your topic? Is your niche so secluded that you can not afford to write about anything but the narrow version that demands attention from a specific market? Of course, niche topics can be extremely close, narrow in range, or they can be broad range. I like to think of a broad range of topics that will magnify my targeted niche. Here are a few ginormous tips for growing your topic range:

Write down primary keywords.

You know those words, they're the ones you try to Zap into every article you write, like for instance: Article Marketing, Brand, and Strategies. Now add to those primary keywords with secondary keywords and phrases. By increasing the number of keywords and keyword phrases used in your article, you maximize the potential for republication and location of your article on the internet.

Find your motivation.

What motivates you to use those keywords? Are you trying to Make Money Online? Perhaps. There's you another key phrase that Snaps Heads! You may want to use that line and see where it takes you in a Google Search. Perhaps you'd even want to work through a link or two and find the keywords and their effectiveness before you skip out of the target zone. With solid motivation, you can accomplish great things on the Internet. Have you tried posting to other people's blogs? There's a great way to grab traffic, but that's for another article.

Find your source.

What is your source of income? Are you a copywriter? Do you wield a magnificent Marketing Plan? Can you design high quality graphics that grab the viewer and compel them to click on the hidden link? Perhaps you're just an all around good guy with a funny way of describing life? Nobody says you have to sell anything that teaches the reader. Sell ​​what you want to sell. But do it with Article Marketing!

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Source by Jan Verhoeff

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