Nov 13

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Best Ways to Generate Lots of FREE Targeted Traffic to Your Website!

Okay, So you have a product you are trying to sell to people but you are not getting as many hits as you would like. As I've said before, traffic is the life blood of any internet business and if you do not have it you might as well close your doors. So exactly how does one get traffic to their web sites? I thought you'd never ask.

Be the expert

This seems to be easier said than done. How does one become an expert, let alone market them selves as one? There are a couple ways you can do this. I'll keep it brief and probably expound on this in another article. Learn everything you can about the niche in which you are marketing. If you are selling apples, learn everything apple related that you might be able to market. Learn about apple sauce, apple juice, apple pie, so on and so forth. This is also a great opportunity to be able to upsell apples. It will be a lot easier to sell something else to your customer if they've bought from you once.

Market yourself as the Expert

It's not enough just to know everything you can about something. Other people have to know you know … you know? How do you let people in on your untapped knowledge? You can add insight in online forums of your niche. Just try not to plug your product immediately. If you build a relationship with the members, they will be more receptive to your recommendations. You can submit informative videos on YouTube. This is a great way to get exposure and a fan base. Carry this over to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites and you can get a lot of exposure very quickly. You can also write articles and reviews on types of apple based products and submit them to different ezines. The list goes on, but although you decide to go about it, be creative and informative. Potential customers enjoy free stuff and advice is something that you will never run out of. I will go into YouTube and social networking sites for traffic on another article so onto the next point.

Make sure your Web Site is up to code!

Meta tags used to be a REALLY big deal back a few years ago but the internet is evolving. Tags are still good to have as far as indexing goes but having a well thought out web site is also equally critical. Plan out your web site and think about who you are marketing to. This should determine how your presentation is. Remember, do not try to sell right up front. Offer your expertise, video reports and reviews about different products. When you are good to go, submit your web site to the major search engines. Also, try to get link back to your web site as much as possible. This will help your search rating immensely. I could easily write an article on Web Site Format alone. Actually, I think I might just do that. Be sure to keep an eye out for it!

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