ACGI Software Launches New Application to Automate and Manage the Lifecycle of Online Submissions for Associations

Columbia, MD (PRWEB) April 03, 2013

ACGI Software®, the trusted leader in association management software (AMS), today announced the release of the Submissions Management module, an application enabling the acceptance, assessment and management of abstracts, applications, awards, grants and other types of online submissions. The new module, which ACGI will demonstrate during two webinars on April 24, 2013, extends the functionality of Association Anywhere®, the company’s versatile association management system (AMS), helping all types of associations – both professional and trade organizations – streamline and dramatically lower the cost of processing online submissions.

“The Association Anywhere Submissions Management module has helped us transform several business-critical membership application processes, resulting in significant improvements in staff efficiency, data quality and cost savings,” said Tim McGraw, Director of Information Systems, the Common Application Membership Association. “Beyond operational benefits, the new module is also helping us enhance our members’ experience, with workflow and design improvements that promote data accuracy and self-sufficiency.”

How the Association Anywhere Submissions Management Module Works:

The Association Anywhere Submissions Management module gives associations the means to uniquely define submissions (e.g., abstracts, award nominations, membership applications, etc.) and the workflow required to process, review, evaluate (score) and report on submitted content. It automates communication and collaboration between the parties responsible for creating the submission and those who review or otherwise make use of the submitted content.

Submission Management Integrated with Association Management:

The Submissions Management module is fully integrated with the Association Anywhere AMS database and suite of association management applications. This integration eliminates manual data processing and file transfers (export and import of spreadsheets and CSV files for example), saving associations time and improving data quality. It also makes all submissions data immediately available for further processing by the AMS, notably for facilitating events, member management, publications, credentialing, ecommerce and financial/accounting management.

Helping Associations Slash Submissions Management Costs:

A common complaint of associations using outsourced submission management services for abstracts, grants, etc. is the high cost, which is often based on a per-submission pricing model. ACGI Software overcomes this problem by offering the Association Anywhere Submissions Management module as a cloud-based service, for which clients pay a one-time set-up fee and monthly subscription. With no limitation on the number or variety of submissions that can be processed, associations using the module can save tens of thousands of dollars in annual fees and maintain complete control over the submissions process and their data.

Use Cases – Managing Abstracts, Applications, Awards, Grants and Poster Sessions:

Because it allows for the automation of many types of submissions – from abstracts, applications, grants and poster sessions to award nominations – virtually any association can benefit from the Association Anywhere Submission Management module. In addition to the Common Application Membership Association, ACGI has experienced strong demand for the application from a range of clients, including:

  •     The American Association of Neurological Surgeons ( – has streamlined abstract management for several conferences, including its Annual Meeting which involved processing and ranking nearly 20,000 abstract reviews over a two-week period.
  •     The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry ( – has replaced a manual, spreadsheet-driven poster review process with the Association Anywhere Submission Management module.
  •     American College of Veterinary Surgeons ( – has implemented an automated process for accepting, scoring and processing training grant applications.
  •     The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences ( – has taken its certification application online for members and others interested in becoming an INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional (CAP™).


The Association Anywhere Submissions Management module is available immediately as an optional application for the Association Anywhere association management system. ACGI offers software as a service (SaaS) and locally installed versions of the application.

Webinar Registration and Demonstration Requests:

ACGI will host two webinars at 10 am and 1:30 pm ET on April 24, 2013 where they will demonstrate the Submissions Management module. Interested association professionals may register for the webinar on the ACGI website:

About ACGI Software:

ACGI Software, Inc., founded in 1996, develops and delivers cloud-based association management software (AMS) and best-practice services. The company’s Association Anywhere AMS integrates with an association’s web, mobile and business applications, automating administrative and financial operations, enhancing the member experience and lowering operating costs. Association Anywhere AMS is chosen by leading associations and association management companies. Learn more about ACGI by visiting:

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