Hello my name is Srini Saripalli and I welcome you to 7webtrafficsecrets.com and on this video I want to share with you a unique strategy using you can drive a ton of traffic to a brand new website. It’s a very simple technique there is nothing great about it but then lot of people miss out on this because it takes a little amount of work to begin with and a little amount of time. So let’s move on, let’s see what this strategy is all about.

Now article marketing, that’s what it is all about. Now if you have a brand new site the #1 thing you have got to do is, start out with about with 6 articles. You don’t need to have like 100s of articles to do this. Now if you need more traffic you could go and write more articles and submit them into other directories there are lots of directories out there. But then you can start with 6 articles each article has to be about 550 words. Try to get about 4% of density for the key word that you are trying to focus on ideally focus on a long tail key word and all you need to do is once you have those 6 articles you could submit them into just about 4 directories. You don’t need to go around and spend lot of time going across multiple different directories but again you are welcome to do that now all you have to do is once you have submitted your articles into this 4 directories I am going to give you those names in a minute here in the next slide. Once you are done with that all you have to do is wait and just it is waiting in and there after and you keep on checking your daily stats and see -you know- how many times and how many websites your article are getting duplicated. Now there is a big debate on content duplication. I really do not have any statistics at this point in time to say whether content duplication is happening or it is not happening I do not know.
All I know is there are some people who are teaching that and who are, who believe and who teach that you cannot, you need to be submitting one article, one unique article into one directory. Now I have submitted the same article across multiple directories and these articles they show up across 100s of websites. So I do not know I get decent amount of traffic to my sites. So just in case if you believe in that philosophy my recommendation is that you recycle that means you rewrite the same article and change about with the change factor of about 55%. So that’s critical. So you take an article you submitted after a month or so, you rewrite that article with a 55% change. So that being said here is a demonstration of this you see I have 6 articles on the left. I am going to four directories that’s about it four directories EzineArticles.com, Go Articles, ArticledashBoard and SearchWrap. Those are the 4 directories and that’s all you need and on the right side you will see all the green, the green traffic coming in. So where see simple technique by all means go a head and try this and with in about 20 to 25 days you will have a decent amount of traffic and lot of back links coming back at you. Most sites have no follow link and I worn you to be little bit careful about it but wherever you are, you see a site having a do follow strategy in place you will get a back link credit from them and you will also built credibility and this a best way. This is thee best way that I know of to get traffic in the enduring traffic to a new website that you just started.


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