3 Tips to Gain Exponential Web Traffic With Articles

Have you ever wondered how some people or businesses get to boast and brag about gaining tons of web traffic with articles? They explain how their blog or production of content brings them all kinds of traffic, buy yours does not seem to do ANYTHING ?! If you are like most people in this situation, you would love to know exactly what it takes to gain exponential web traffic with articles for yourself. In this post I'm going to give you a few points and show you a video that should allow you to gain same great insights on how its done.

There are 3 tips that will help you do this.

  1. Create Evergreen Articles – You may have heard articles called evergreen articles or "pillar articles". Either one, they both have some of the same elements. This means to create an article that will be relevant now and in the features. Create an article that is not time sensitive in any kind of way and does not focus on a specific fad of the time. Rather, focus on the underling idea of ​​the fad. For a tip, instead of writing something like "last month" or "last year" be more defined like "January 2010". After writing ask yourself "What is the life expectancy of this article?" The answer should be, this can be found to be useful now or 5 years from now if someone comes across it. View the video below for more information on Evergreen articles.
  2. Distribute Your Articles – While publishing an article on your own website is great, their are many resources that allow you to publish your articles elsewhere. Websites like EzineArticles allows you to publish content on their website with links back to your own. An idea is to publish 2 / 3rds of an article on their website ending with a link to your website to finish off the reading. By doing this you are gaining traffic from your own website being picked up in search engines as well as the multiple distribution spots. Google the term "submit articles" to find more article distribution websites.
  3. DO IT AGAIN and AGAIN for Exponential Gains! – The REAL trick is to do this again and again and again! Think about it! The more articles you distributed among the internet, the more traffic you will bring. Each article post is working to bring traffic to your website. One article along my bringing 100's or 1000's of visitors every month. If you posted just 1 article per week for a year, that would be multiplied by 52. ​​And if you do it the next year it doubles, and the next year it would go up 3X. However, now that you have multiple quality evergreen articles people will link to your articles. You can link to your own other articles to get multiple views per reader. This is where the real traffic comes into effect.

An Extra Tip – Every time you post an article. Search the internet high and low of ANYONE talking about or mentioning the topic of your article and jump into a conversation. Look on forums, blogs, social networks, answer websites, etc. for those speaking about your articles topic. Join the conversation and simply chat about the topic. This will bring attention to you, your website, and hopefully the article you just posted. Let the conversation flow. If the time comes up to mention your article, do so … but DO NOT force it. People socialize to … socialize, not to be sold to or forced to view something else.

Here is the video on How to Grow Your Business with Everygreen Articles from EzineArticles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48mqkp048bU

Source by Kelsi J Guidry

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