10 Ways to Build SEO for Your Blog

Search engines use an algorithm comprised of numerous variables when ranking websites. The process of designing and promoting your website to improve those variables is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Here are 10 tips to build SEO for your blog.

Create a blog roll and offer to exchange links. A blog roll, or blog list, is a feature available on most blogging platforms that makes it easy to add links to other blogs. Offer to exchange with other bloggers in your niche. This will help drive up traffic by increasing exposures to visitors and by creating more back links.

Submit your link to directories. There are numerous website and blog directories that allow you to submit your link for free. Examples are Bloggapedia and BlogTopSites. Just be aware that not all of these directories are “dofollow,” a term used to describe linking that is counted by search engines. Stick with the most popular directories.

Create a Twitter account and stay active. This step is sometimes overlooked by blog authors, who count social networking as a separate entity. In truth, social networks are just complex websites. They also have a high ranking by default, making some of them, such as Twitter, an excellent candidate for back links. No need to spam your followers, just include your link in your profile and then Tweet regularly.

Get on Facebook too. Much like the above tip, using Facebook can help improve your ranking. Add your link to your profile and start networking. Both Twitter and Facebook are also great ways to network with your niche, so it’s a win no matter how you look at it.

Contribute to an article database. Write useful content for article databases such as Goarticles.com and include your link in the author bio. Use this to increase exposure to your site. These databases let you create a profile as well.

Comment on other blogs. Don’t do this just for the sake of back links, but make sure to include your URL if you do have something useful to contribute. Don’t spam. Respect your fellow bloggers, but if they allow you to include a link, why not? Keep in mind not all blogs are “dofollow.”

Use tags or labels on your blog to add keywords and build authority. Most blogging systems allow you to add tags or labels to your blog posts. This gives you the option to add relevant keywords that may not have been included in the article. Also, by re-using some keywords, you can build authority, making search engines consider ranking your blog higher for certain terms.

Guest post on other blogs. Many blog authors allow other bloggers to write a guest post. Contact a blogger in your niche and discuss if they’re open to the possibility and if they have any preferences on topic. Browse their blog for an idea of what sort of topics and style goes over well with their audience, and create a piece exclusively for their use. This will be accompanied by your link, creating a back link as well as providing exposure to a new audience. Make sure to offer the blogger to post on your blog as well.

Regularly update your blog. Search engines like to see a consistent stream of activity on websites, so keep both your readers and the search engines happy by posting on a schedule. It requires discipline and thinking ahead, but it is crucial for serious bloggers.

Above all else, don’t spam. Yes, most of this article is focused on creating links, but spamming should never be an option. Not only does it upset people in your niche, but even search engines have grown wise to it. As time goes on, the algorithm increasingly counts spam-like behavior against website ranking. It’s not worth it.

Outside of the search engine programmers, no one knows all the variables involved in the algorithm, or the exact weight each holds. Search engines are constantly changing and evolving to create a more accurate ranking system. But following the above steps is a good start at creating SEO.

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